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Airsoft BBs
    6mm 0.20g /bio
     6mm 0.23g /bio
     6mm 0.25g /bio
     6mm 0.28g
    6mm 0.30g
    6mm 0.32g
    6mm 0.36g
    6mm 0.40g
    Biodegradable BB
    Other BB /0.12g

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6mm 0.12g Airsoft BB's (All plastic BB's)
To keep high quality, CYC 0.12g is also multi-polished.
The CYC Precision 0.12g BB's are designed to grant the top performance on low powered guns.
Ideal for airsoft guns shooting 230fps (with 0.12g BB's) and lower.
The 0.12g BB's are normally low quality products because they are designed for cheap spring guns for children.
Our 0.12g BB's are completely different. As we don't accept compromise on quality also our lightweight BB's designed for low powered guns feature a perfectly smooth surface, high polish an low roundness tolerance. This means that our BB's will never jam in the gun, even if a cheap gun.
You will learn more about our Precision BB's in the 0.20-0.23-0.25 BB's sections.
Our Precision 0.12g BB's are offered in 4000 BB's bags and 25 Kg Bags. For different packages please contact our sales service.

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