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Airsoft BBs
    6mm 0.20g /bio
     6mm 0.23g /bio
     6mm 0.25g /bio
     6mm 0.28g
    6mm 0.30g
    6mm 0.32g
    6mm 0.36g
    6mm 0.40g
    Biodegradable BB
    Other BB/0.12g

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6mm 0.20g Airsoft BB's (Regular or Biodegradable)
 0.20g airsoft BB's are the most commonly used because of there performance, 0.20g BBs are the ideal choice for spring weapons. They are the lightest suggested weight for gas and electric weapons and are best suited for close to mid-range shooting.

The use of CYC Precision 0.20g BB's is recommended on AEG (automatic electric guns with springs from standard to M120
Perfect for use also on high quality sping guns and gas guns.
0.20g, 5000shots/bag, 1kg package, ziplock bag 0.20g, biodegradable, 1kg package, ziplock
0.20g, 4000shots/bag, economy bag Quick Feed Bottle
CYC doesn't just innovate airsoft guns, we aim to make airsoft play even better. By developing a new, special grind BB machine, CYC delivers one of the most accurate BB's in the market. Every single BB we make maintains an astounding accuracy of +-0.01mm. The surface of each BB is polished bright, creating an ultra-slick BB designed for high performance airsoft guns. These BB's never jam, shoot smoothly, and increase your shooting accuracy. Try a bag today.
4000counts/bag, 20bags/case; 5000counts/bag, 15bags/case.
Guaranteed quality!! 8 processes, 10 times spot-check, and 17 times of high polished!!
Perfect sphere shape presents. The diameter tolerance is controlled within 5.95mm +/-0.01mm. Particularly developed polishing treatment and recipes keep bullets not only reach target easily without earlier falling but also prevent from trajectory jamming perfectly.

Seamless precision.
Excellent ammunition with less deviation for airsoft gun.
Ultra slick, or double Seal Package, tactical high grade.
Multi-Polish to prevent jamming
ABS/ Secret Formula material, Accurate without jamming, less smash than others
Perfect sphere shaped, diameter tolerance truly reaches the word highest standard of 5.95mm+/-0.01mm.

Although there are various weights for BBs, the four most common types you will see are 0.12g, 0.2g, 0.25g, and 0.3g. A few things you should note: the lighter the BB, the higher your velocity or FPS. The heavier the BB, the more accurate and less affected it is by wind resistance. This means your BB will actually travel further than a lighter BB, even though the lighter BB will have a higher velocity. The general rule is to shoot the heaviest BB your gun works with.

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